16 June 2016

Orlando shooting staged by government, says chris dorsey of the Virginia Militia

It looks like Press TV, the propaganda arm of the Ayatollahs, is experiencing bad times. I am judging solely by the kind of "sources", if I may use the word tentatively, that Press TV seems fit to bring to its broadcasts. Apparently luminaries like George Galloway, Jeremy Corbyn and similar are not enough or are too expensive, so here is a good example of what Press TV goes for to fill up its schedule. Meet chris dorsey*, allegedly a member of something called Virginia Militia and a candidate** for the position of Sheriff of Richmond. (The subject appears around 1'30''):

I don't know about you, but I quite enjoyed the unadorned Troof freely dispensed by Mr dorsey. And the uncommon these days combination of white shirt, black suspenders and that tasteful tie. I can see how easy it will be for him to don the Richmond Sheriff's uniform. Hope you do too.

Of course, the mention of Zionist Controlled Media warmed my heart too, but the fact that he didn't mention the ZOG (Zionist Owned Government) is somewhat disturbing and points to the need to do more work with the subject.

To complete this report, I have to add that chris dorsey is quite active on the local scene, being a considerable pain in the ass critic of the local solons. Here is one of many recordings where chris dorsey courageously and selflessly performs his civic duty. The recording, made by chris dorsey himself (I surmise), is titled: Virginia Cops/Politicians Are Treaonsous Tyrants. Enjoy.

Salt of the earth, I say.

(*) I am not responsible for the lack of capital letters, it is the man's choice. And, after all, e e cummings...
(**) At least according to him and his Facebook page. Which page, by the way, is a serious source of entertainment, if you have a few minutes to spare.