11 July 2016

Law and disorder

Looking at the latest tragic events in Dallas and other major cities across the US, seems like sanity and common sense have finally given up on this stubborn, selfish, violent human race. But life beats even the best soap operas. Relief and a glimmer of hope came from the least likely place and the least likely people.

Yes, this is real.

A Texas jailer who suddenly stopped breathing is now alive and well — thanks to a group of inmates who busted out of a holding cell to save him. 

Weatherford, Texas.

Dallas. Texas.

Quo vadis, Texas?

Obama whitewashing the killing of white cops - calling it an "attack on law enforcement" was dishonest after Micah Johnson himself confessed he wanted to kill white people -  came as no surprise, of course, but his mentioning "failures of the criminal justice system" in relation to  black-on-white revenge was rather hilarious. O. J. Simpson, anyone?