23 February 2010

Lauren Ashley Opposes Same Sex Marriage

They say.

Looking at that picture I can see where I could agree with her... in this specific instance... for now...


David All said...

She certainly has a persuasive figure ah I mean arguement! I certainly would not want to disagree with her.  ;)

Ah yes Leviticus. Some years ago, a friend sent around e-mail quoting that injunction against gays. He then went on quote other parts of Leviticus, Deutronomy and Numbers that forbid other sorts of behavior such as making a foul smell and asking if those who violated these rules, such as his neighbors, should not be stoned as well.

The following is NOT a spoof. Speaking of Sex: "Nevade Governor Gibbons Says he hasn't had Sex in 15 years, Especially not with that Playboy Model" at http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2010/02/23/crimesider/entry6235749.shtml?tag=contentMain;contentBody
We have certainly come a long way from JFK telling Britain's Prime Minister Harold Macmillian that he got headaches if he went more than three days without sex.  

Dick Stanley said...

Why would she care?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That's a superb one, David, thanks!