07 February 2010

Haveil Havalim #255: post - Groundhog Day edition

The reason why this edition is called post - Groundhog Day is that there were no meaningful holidays in the vicinity. And the only Jewish/Israeli connection to Groundhog Day (the animal in question not being kosher) is our local variety of that animal:

My initial sentiment was to expect him out of his bunker this time. But, upon second thought, why not let him be? He is pretty well used to the underground way of life by now, and besides - what do we all need him for above ground?

Anyway, let's go to the reminder - what HH is about:

Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means "Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'havel,' or in English, 'vanity.'
Now that we are all on the same page we can start: again with a picture by Dzeni:

If you are not into Ferrari or something like this, the ad for a Tu Be Shvat - friendly car should appeal to you too.

So, Israel?

PLO/Fatah has a new charter. And here is why this charter wouldn't bring peace.

Are we indeed preparing for The Great Expulsion?

How Many Kids Can One Man Abuse? Apparently a lot, although to be frank, the problem is not resolved in any democracy. It's not a simple one.

The Aral Tradition. Interesting angle.

On The Beauty of Hebrew. Amazingly (great minds thinking alike?) on the same subject.

You Don’t Need to Be Dyslexic to See the Fink in the NIF. Indeed. More on the same subject: New Israel Fund Funding End of Israel and New Israel Fund supports anti-Zionist propaganda.

While we are all proud of IDF effort to help the victims of Haiti disaster, some people cannot help Exploiting Israeli aid for politics and Israel-bashing. Well, the dogs they are a-barking, but the flying aid continues.

I looks that it's not only I that came to Inescapable conclusion: Israel must probe the Gaza war. We were successfully painting ourselves into that corner, and here we are. More on the doofuses who...but of course we'll continue to disagree on this, as on everything else.Which doesn't necessarily have ought to do with the fact that Goldstone is the result of 40 years of the perversion of international law. Or The goldstone rumor mill. Not to forget: Goldstone, Oy!

Responding to a peace activist: a difficult task well done.

Fit for a king (David). If you like the man or not - he is a guest. I would much prefer to see Carlos Santana, but he ain't coming anytime soon, it seems. Still, OK, Italian Prime Minister Has Meaningful Visit. So be it.

To 443 or not to 443? Is it a good question or is it a good question?

Preparing for the Israeli Earthquake. I guess we'll be as prepared as we are for anything else. At least we are great in the afterthought.

When in need: computer professionals support groups in Israel.

Abbas probably never saw it coming - yep.

How many rocket attacks in a ceasefire? Do you still count?

Surprise, surprise! Gazans don't think they benefit from tunnels.

There are good things one could say about Lieberman, but he's clearly in the wrong job. I could add that I don't know whether he was a good bouncer, but this is neither here not there.

Aardvark Israel is Launched: What Does It Mean? Curious? Just read it.

Why El-Al Threatens to End South African Route - with a good reason.

I Explained That They Were Like Spies. Why "like", Batya? Diplomats, spies - same difference.

Madonna At the Kotel - not what you think about (too much, if you ask me).

Very Private Prayer on the Public Bus - that's fine. No one should mind, I guess. Unlike the Battle at the Kotel and the "mehadrin buses" battles, which many of us do mind.

Judaism and Jewish Culture

Maghen Avraham synagogue in Beirut - a monument to the past.

More Unites Us Than Divides Us: An Observation. Should I add to that: united we stand? Doesn't work very well for us, does it? Also: Halachah Question: Beis Din.

Something different for a change: on the books by Sydney Taylor.

"Yeshivish" as a second language - quite amazing.

Ayn Rand and R' Shimon Shkop - it's about balance.

Did all the nation *see* the sounds? Like in "And all the people saw the voices..."

Uncle Why Answers More of Your Jews Questions. In details, too.

More on Religion and State in Israel. And more.

Splitting Sea, Miriam's Tambourines, Manna Cookies - don't you just love it?

Our Tu b'Shevat Seder? Nu nu... and I thought... oh well.

Cantorial Music: An A-choired Taste? Interesting question. Not to speak about R' (or "Know when to walk away").

On Being Grandparents, not Cash Cows. And I thought these were synonyms...

Thoughts and Musings on the 2010 Kosher Restaurant & Wine Experience. Reading this, I wondered about the author's classification: somewhere between three different kinds of religious Jooz and one kind of non-Jooz he lost one (granted, less important) category... you guess which one.

Men Mind the Home As Women Arrive At Chabad Headquarters. And more power to the women, I say!

Want to spice your son's bar-mitzvah with a First Class Piper?

General (politics and other trifles)

Remember Enderlin, he of Al Durah affair? The man hits bottom, keeps digging. Let him keep at it, and the deeper the better.

Chomsky theology - this invention made my day. Bulls' eye.

You want to kill the Jews? Sure, dad/mom...

Kill dependency on foreign energy and we kill support for Islamists. Good point. Remember it when you stop at the pump next time.

The Greeks had a word for it: hypocrisy. They sure knew what they are talking about.

The Porajmos never really ends. No, it doesn't.

This why I consider going for a Hummer: Climate change boss owns FIVE cars and has chauffeur.

If you are not with us, you are against us! Good stuff, only one remark - it's a paraphrase of Lenin's reference to some other party at the time. Mr Vinogradov used it for his own purposes.

England is the breeding ground of fundamentalist Muslims, some quite respectable people dare say. Would I argue?

Do You Get Drained By Other People's Energy? I do.

Protesting Galloway’s Terror Roadshow. Doesn't usually help with that vermin.

A short lesson in defamation. Goes a long way to understanding the Independent.

More on the truth behind the smiling mug of Mahmoud the Mad.

Ladies and Gentlemen…Mr. Leonard Cohen. So good.

Legacy of Hope: Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and Resistance Yesterday and Today.

When should parents stop giving? Oy vey, that's a tough one.

Osama Bin Laden, the Media and “The Memento Effect” - a great one indeed.

Taking Tea with the Taliban? Better bring your own poison, methinks.

About the State of Obama. Well, he still has 3 years of guaranteed employment...

Financial Times 2009: A year of Middle East editorials, a year of anti-Israeli crap.

Ben White, David Irving, An Israeli And Oxbridge Types. Not surprising, but educating nevertheless.

Israel has a friend in Italy, some people say. But not much of a friend. Entertaining, though.

So whom the God hates? The freaks from the Westboro Baptist Church surely don't think it's them.

Some morning briefs that may save your coffee expenses: your adrenalin will surge without it. And the news the wire services don’t report. Why should they, indeed?

Where do you expect to find the backer of Iraq's Chemical Ali? Of course you are right, in the UN Human Rights Commission...

French Catholic Church's Dhimmitude - an interesting point, isn't it?

To drill or not to drill? Even in Israel they are drilling like mad, so why not in US?

Guardian vs. the IDF response to the Goldstone report - a comedy of want overcoming wit.

Tony Greenstein aka Tony Greenstalin aka Tone the Tea Leaf, goes into attacking mode.


Extreme sheep LED art. Tres cool indeed!

HaHaפuch: It's Not Just a Coffee Anymore. Good. I hate coffee carrying this name.

An Israeli, a Palestinian, and Peace Negotiator walk into a Bar. Not bad.

Great Folk Tales! But the Bank Leumi express lane is not a tale - a friend of my friend personally... aw what the heck!

Are daughters smart, even when they are having a touch of flu? Definitely. And a careful blogger should take it into account.

Are meteorologists a sinister bunch of crooks? You decide.

Was Elvis Jewish, he asks? What does he mean by "was"? "Was" - what a weird notion. I talk to the man almost daily...

Aussie Dave’s Advice For the Dumb. I would add a corollary: if you insist on doing it, why waste your time on a semi-nude one?

And you thought we are done with the Groundhog Day? Not yet, read this first.

Lipa Schmeltzer concert causes Haiti Earthquake? Nu, shoin - now I have heard it all.

Should this man be banned from Trader Joe's? I say - not yet.

An Atheist's NFL Predictions (yes, I put in in the Fun section on purpose).

Iran says its 'compelling logic' scares enemy. Now tell me it's not funny.

Cats (but of course)

A touching photo-eulogy to Catschka, RIP.


Thank G-d for Family in a Crisis. So true.

I guess this post by now covers four subjects (this is a whole "WOW" for efficiency), but the granddaughters are beautiful indeed.

A lovely story about Zaydee Dovid. And a great picture too.

Another set of great and moving pictures: Great-Uncle Harold: A Photo History without Words.

Movies with Jojo - for a person who doesn't dig movies.

We don't ask for directions and we don't ask for a shoulder to cry on, even though we all want it. Nu, nu...

Laurie R. King Replies. That's way too cool. I wonder if an autograph from Stephen is possible.

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