24 February 2007

Is Global Warming Our Brainchild?

I was passively flipping through the Ynet's copious archives the other day, when I suddenly clapped my eyes on the following headline (which, quite frankly, made my hair stand on end for a moment):

Are we guilty for global warming?

My initial desire was to yell at the top of my voice, "What #$%^er leaked the information to the press?" However, I was forced to subdue my unbridled anger, when it became crystal clear that the Elders, against all odds, have managed to keep our ongoing activities under wraps.

We humans do a lot of damage to environment, but climate changes are not caused by human activity.
On a serious note, Ynet would be well advised to choose headlines more carefully and thoughtfully, as some of us are highly sensitive to anti-Semitism and the attendant "Jews did it" claptrap. Spare our nerves, will you!