13 February 2007

Aim for a bush

This is not an anti-American subversive article that could get someone like me in hot water with that B1/B2 thingy. It is about something entirely different - falling from a high place. Someone, I believe it was Soccer Dad, posted something like a survival manual for such an occasion.

Here is an article that (probably) corroborates some of the ideas in that manual:

A video of a New Zealand skydiver spiralling 3,600 metres (11,800ft) with a tangled parachute to the ground - where he was saved by bushes - was shown on television yesterday.
Mr Holmes estimated that he reached 120mph during free fall but the parachute had reduced his speed on impact to about 80mph. He missed the airport car park by less than 30 metres. He was in hospital for 11 days, and hopes to resume skydiving in April.
So, since I could not find that post on Soccer Dad's, "aim for a bush" could be a useful corollary to that post of his.

And, if you are an indestructible Kiwi or Aussie, there is another corollary: if that fall does not kill you - keep trying!