19 February 2007

Robert Adler, 93 - his memory be blessed

Hit the mute button for a moment of silence: The co-inventor of the TV remote, Robert Adler, has died.
Millions of men* will die with a smile hovering over their lips blessing you and your invention, Mr. Adler.
"People ask me all the time, 'Don't you feel guilty for it?' And I say, 'That's ridiculous,' " he said.
It is people who ask that question that are ridiculous.
"It seems reasonable and rational to control the TV from where you normally sit and watch television."
It is very rarely that truer words were said. RIP, our savior and patron.

(*) The author does not feel authorized to talk in the name of the other gender. The true nature of female attitude to the remote control device is unclear to him.