18 February 2007

Haveil Havalim #107 - excuses, excuses

This us a year of new trends in HH: first a short story of thriller or romance variety, then a new habit of providing a litany of excuses. Jack of the Jack's Shack focused on his daughter as the main excuse, and I thought it was a good one as excuses go. But now we are dealing with a past master of this delicate and nuanced art. Yid with Lid will become now my mentor in this discipline, I swear. Just take a look at this (partial) list of excuses:

  • Wife's illness (hope it is already history)
  • No Hebrew keyboard to do Gematria exercises
  • Family in the other room watching a Saturday Night Live rerun
  • Realizing that he just can't do this (probably linked to the one above)
  • Declaring himself a failure at hosting Haveil Havalim (this was a feeble one, really)
I must also mention that the excuses are skillfully blended into the text, so it gives you quite a start to find tears dropping on your beloved (Hebrew or not) keyboard, without quite realising why it happened. Talk about subliminal influence...

Anyway, after all these excuses the real thing starts, and all you need now is lots of time, attention and money.

Why have I mentioned money? Er... force of habit and to let some people to confirm the Jewish stereotype. Just go there and enjoy yourself.