14 February 2007

The blood of your brethren

MUMBAI: The four blasts in Malegaon town in Nasik district were carried out in places of religious significance for Muslims since the perpetrators hoped to motivate the members of the community to take up arms against the Hindu community, an approver in the case has told the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) in his confession.

Abrar Ahmed Gulam Ahmed, who was granted permission by designated MCOCA judge Mrudula Bhatkar to be an approver in the case, has said in the confession that communal riot in Malegaon in 2001 was also a motivating factor for the nine accused to carry out the blasts.
Thus starts the chilling story of the mass murder:
Nine persons have been charged by the ATS with carrying out the four blasts in the town on September 8, 2006, in which 31 were killed and 312 people injured.
What is not immediately clear from the introduction lines of the article is that the perpetrators of this cold blooded act were Muslims. While the plot is not new, being repeated by various parties all over the known history, the planning, the determination and the scale of this atrocity make you wonder: if these people have so little compassion to their own kind, what do they have in store for the infidels?

It is not surprising to see the umpteenth time the Pakistani connection:
Ahmed has said in his confession, which was given to his lawyer by the court today, that another accused Shabbir Masiullah had been sent to Pakistan in 2003 for arms and ammunition training by Mohammed Ali Shaikh who is also accused of participating in the July 11 Mumbai train serial blasts conspiracy.

Ahmed said that after obtaining the RDX needed for the bombs, the accused gathered at the godown owned by Shabbir Masiullah where acting on the instructions of two Pakistani accused they made six bombs and then concealed them there.
While not being a part of the White House official "axis of evil", Pakistan is consistently producing a major part of the terrorist wannabes who are involved in many parts of the world. I wonder how much of the token support for the "War On Terror" provided by Pervy Musharraf is really a smokescreen for the infamous madrasas and terrorist training centers?

Also - it would be educational to know what does the holy Koran have to say about murdering your brethren to motivate them to murder infidels?

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