20 February 2007

Progress or no progress?

Trilateral summit ends with few signs of progress, says JP pessimistically in its headline today, posting a picture of the business-minding troika:

Haaretz is non-committal, however in their picture it is all light and smiles all around:

I must say that Olmert's smile looks a bit unnatural, but it could be due to that eye surgery he went through not long ago.

Ynet is real upbeat, claiming that Rice says Olmert, Abbas reaffirm commitment to peace. Their picture, however, is another matter:

Being a low quality one, it leaves a lot of room for imagination: have they discovered one of the last Olmert's hairs in that cake (or whatever it is)?

Anyway, these are public images available to everyone. Elders, however, are not satisfied by public information alone. Our agent was infiltrated into the meeting (if you look at the first picture, you can discern a slight bulge in the US flag between Condoleeza and Olmert). And here is the first stunning result from under that table:

Due to severe case of spatial disorientation, the agent cannot swear to the ownership of each hand. We have our suspicions, however, that we are not yet ready to make public.

An additional, even more revealing picture, is ready for publication:

This one is even more confusing, and the agent is currently being thoroughly debriefed. We do not exclude the possibility that the agent is moonlighting as a wedding photographer, but we definitely do not encourage the private use of the operational equipment!

In any case, the analyses of the pictures continues and we'll keep you posted. But meanwhile: no matter who is the owner of various limbs presented in these revealing pictures, we could be sure that everything was done to make the atmosphere peaceful and relaxed.