02 February 2007

Israel Massacres Lebanese by Poisonous Balloons

Remember these nice green balloons from that old story?

The story is far from over, it appears. Meryl has more on it, and every word is fun, it is a promise!

But the military part behind the story is no less fun, and by a decision of the Elders' Disclosure Committee that I am authorised to tell it now, the cat is out of the bag.

The poison in the balloons is not a result of a complex chemistry process, it is rather a diabolical combination of the basic organic elements and the natural body chemistry - of a bovine kind. The homicidal balloons are filled by the effluvium of the best New Zealand cows fed by a mix of traditional Jewish cholent and Mexican chili cooked with especially hot jalapeno peppers. The last stage of the process, when the cows, stoppered for five days, have to be emptied into special titanium receptacles, is conducted by experts in grade 3 protective suits. Even with the strictest protection measures, it is volunteers only task.

But why I am telling all this to the propaganda experts of the FARS agency? These people (notice the missing tee) know all about farting in the wind...