15 February 2007

Kahane str. 0 : 1 Sandmonkey

Sandmonkey and I agree on lots of stuff without ever talking or even exchanging mails. Like now, when Sandmonkey says The Israelis have the worst PR people ever. I cannot agree more.

Sandmonkey is referring in his post to the unfortunate idea of some genius in Or Akiva municipality to name a street after the infamous rabbi. Of course, many of Or Akiva residents were irked by this effrontery to good taste and common sense. What next - a street named after "rabbi" Moshe Arie Friedman?

But to console myself and Sandmonkey - a quote from the current Or Akiva Mayor Simcha Yosifuv:

It's a dead-end alley...
Indeed. The same could be said about some people's brains...