11 February 2007

Haveil Havalim #106 - Terrible Twos edition

That's an old CYA (Cover Your Assets) trick of many grown-up men(myself included): when in trouble, blame your deficiencies on a daughter, whose powers over any given dad are known to be an ultimate explanation for many of our misdemeanors.

In this case, Jack of the Jack's Shack - the one full of Random Thoughts, decided to resort to the DE (Daughter Excuse) in advance, so to say, as a preemptive measure. Just keeping on the safe side. Saving his bacon even when there is no fire. Counting his money at the cashier's. Getting his towel dry and his feet cold. Crossing the road with alligators up his...

No, I think I got overexcited here with all these mixed proverbs. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that Jack here created an extremely orderly and non-random Haveil Havalim. Not only this, but it is so long that I has broken my mouse wheel just trying to get to the bottom, where the post's address is located for the link.

So, ye Yids and sympathisers - go there and rejoice. You will have to forget other pleasures for the next 24 hours, but this is HH for you!