05 February 2007

To the wannabe hero

So, you want to become a martyr for the cause of freedom of expression? As in Jesus kits on sale here?

Vatican officals are said to be disgusted after Jesus fancy dress kits went on sale in Italy.The £8.40 party pack also contains a plastic crown of thorns and a false beard. Vatican priest Father Vittorino Gorss said: "This is an insult and blasphemous to millions of believers." One shopkeeper selling the kit in the build up to Lent said: "I can't see what the problem is. It's only a wig and beard."
I do see a problem, though - with the lack of determination. If you want to become a real hero and a martyr for the cause, you better add the following items to your inventory:

See you then! Meanwhile - no big deal, comrade...