16 February 2007

Talk to me in flowers

That is a quote from a popular Israeli song. Probably some of the more entrepreneurial members of ISM, that peace loving pro-Palestinian do-gooders group (in fact, much less pro-Palestinian than anti-Israeli and anti-American), after picking up a few words in Hebrew, decided to turn this phrase around.

These days they are trying to cause a boycott of the flowers produced in Israel. More about the boycott later, but suffice to say for now that they have started this campaign in a BIG (Boycott Israeli Goods) way.

And look who is joining them now: no other than Deborah Fink of a famous and shrilly JfJfP (no, my fingers are not stuttering). JfJfP - an odious enough outfit by itself, that we, the Elders, carefully and quietly nurture (where would you find something else that ridiculous?). Deborah, however, is one especially virulent strain that even its mother ship is trying to disassociate itself from lately. The awkwardness between Deborah and JfJfP started when the former decided that the usual whining anti-Israeli melody of the latter is not enough, and some stronger words are needed. To this end Deborah issued the following statement:

"Israel does not deserve to be called 'The Jewish state'. It should be called 'The Satanic state.."
That was (a bit) too much for JfJfP, and blah blah blah and yada yada...

Anyway, the mating call of the BIG was answered by Deborah immediately.
Meanwhile, a new Jewish group has emerged to support BIG. Deborah Fink, a member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JfJfP), said she had set up Jews for Boycott of Israel Goods (J-BIG).

"I wanted to do more on the boycott and wanted JfJfP to do it but couldn't push them into doing it so in the end I started my own group and agreed last month to join up with BIG," Fink told the Post. "I have about 30 signatories, which I know sounds small, but we have only just started."
After a short mind-reading session with Deborah, we believe that we have located the source of the attraction. It is mainly the name of this new initiative. You should keep in mind this:

If you haven't understood the hint yet, Deborah is, how to put it gently... there is no way to put it gently: she is barely higher than a sitting medium-sized dog. This including that very special hat she sports. We (the Elders) are not sizeists, but size in this case played a major role. Suffice to look again at that quote above to see how important the issue is to Deborah: J-Big, small, etc.

As many diminutive folks (Napoleon and that Kim fellow come to mind), Deborah wants to do big, to lead that minuscule gang of We-are-good-Jooz-not-like-them-uncouth-Israelis to the new levels of denial. She forgets that she has many other minuscule competing groups in UK (why is that so in UK is a mass psychiatry issue, to be studied separately).

So, being the Satanic arm of the Satanic state, we think that we have to teach Deborah here a lesson. To this end we plan to capture her, take her to the nest of the uncouth Zionists to brainwash her and to feed her exclusively foodstuff grown and processed on the occupied territories. With stress on hummus and pitas that will ensure that Deborah coming back will be not only a thoroughly Zionist Deborah but also a much bigger Deborah. And calmer, too, as a bonus.

And it is not flowers we'll be talking to her...

Oh, and re the flowers boycott and how to deal with it - see here.