05 February 2007

Haveil Havalim # 105 is up!

When your morning coffee hasn't yet started to infuse the caffeine in the old blood stream, you are apt to misunderstand the text you are staring at. This is what happened to me when I opened the brand new edition of Haveil Havalim. This sentence really got my sluggish brain on a wrong path:

Alex Trebeck surveyed the contestants curiously.
Well, that dormant brain said (to itself), if a man named Alex Trebeck is not an owner of a sleazy cabaret with some vaguely defined mafia connections, then I (the brain, that is) am a... Here the lazy thought stopped, because the three names following the sentence above somehow did not match the idea of contestants for a vacancy in a dance group. Actually, only one name stood out as totally wrong, and it wasn't that of Meryl of Yehudit, if you see what I mean (I am going to get it in the neck from all three of them for that, but it's the truthful description of what went through my mind at the moment).

Anyway, it is a new approach to Haveil Havalim that will make you learn stuff even if you are kicking and screaming, which you better not, because it is fascinating. There was a period when Vladimir Lenin's saying "to learn, to learn and again to learn" was repeated ad nauseum. I suspect that the old boy filched it from a rabbi, after all some people hint that... nah, better leave it alone. After all, Lenin is (thankfully) dead, and we are alive (till 120) and learning is the best thing bar very few others I cannot even think about that early in the day.

Oh, well, go and read the Haveil Havalim, cause it is a treat. I shall let my coffee work its way up to these lazy grey cells meanwhile.