27 February 2007

Israel and Pakistan

The vast majority of “critics” of Israel, ranging from those who simply believe Israel is in the habit of mercilessly and deliberately wronging Palestinians to those who are opposed to the very existence of the Jewish state, invariably employ double standards in their arguments against Israel. (These individuals should in no way be confused with those who put forward legitimate, constructive criticism of the state. Israel is not immune to it.)

In this post I would like to deal with some of the arguments pushed by the Muslim brigade, using the highly effective method of drawing parallels and analogies.

1) Israel is often accused of being a “pirate” state, formed a few decades ago and supposedly out of the blue. Thus, it is a deeply “artificial” entity which has to be dismantled to restore the authentic, natural situation in the region. Yet Muslims at the same time will happily accept and applaud the existence of Pakistan, also created a few decades ago (a year before Israel) and arguably like a bolt from the blue. Moreover, its history and roots as a state are far less impressive than those of Israel – you can’t think of a more artificial, pirate country indeed. Why such double standards?

2) Israel is also accused of bringing untold suffering into the region. Ignoring for the moment the fact that Arabs themselves are inflicting incalculable suffering upon the region with abandon, Pakistan and India are also battling bitterly over the land. The existence of Pakistan has no doubt proven to be detrimental to the wellbeing of the region. (Kashmir had been ruled by Hindu people and Sikhs prior to the introduction of British rule.) Muslims will never advocate the dismantlement of Pakistan, will they?

3) Pakistan is trying hard to seize the disputed land by force and Muslims all over the world do not appear to be outraged and appalled by the fact. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Muslims do view the use of force to gain land as a legitimate enterprise. But, when it comes to Palestine, such use of force is seen as a violation of human rights, as a brutality, an atrocity, unspeakable cruelty, isn’t it?

Thus, double standards are blindingly obvious - which is hardly unexpected - and Muslims' arguments are appallingly one-sided and inconsistent. Perhaps they should be informed about the implications of the arguments they press.