21 February 2007

Guardian leader - another satisfying burp

Unlike most of the cases, today's leader of the Guardian started with a passage that made me speechless:

The meeting yesterday in Jerusalem between Condoleezza Rice, Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas was the first such three-way encounter since the summer of 2003. That might suggest that the prospect of serious negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians has somewhat improved. But it was also a classic example of the futile circling around the issue of formal recognition of Israel which has inhibited any real movement in this damaged and stalled relationship ever since the emergence of Hamas as a major political force.
To make it clearer, it is the relative balance of the last sentence in this quote that sent me reeling.

But no, it was a false alarm, as it became clear after a few lines:
Whether this [Israeli and American] insistence is a matter of principle, a consequence of the limits of what is politically possible in Israel and America, or, as many suspect, a means of avoiding negotiations which neither Israel or the United States really wants, the result is the same.
Move on, people. Nothing more to see here.