19 February 2007

Haniyeh and Abbas - together and alone

The image gallery below reflects on the real feelings behind the birth of this defective child called Palestinian National Unity Coalition (PNUC, PNAC, go figure them all).

On the first one above Haniyeh and Abbas are together, laughing their arses off. Clearly the reason for their hilarity is that they have succeeded in putting one over the Quartet that will have to get their shit together on the subject of whether to recognize or not that defective child...

Left alone, however, Abu Mazen / Mahmoud Abbas is rather less jubiliant. "What kinda lemon I was sold here?", he asks himself on this picture.

And this is the real attitude of Haniyeh toward his pardner: "Wow, this will be one monstro booger to flick at that effing picture on the wall!".

P.S. The middle picture (of grieving Abbas) filched from Soccer Dad.