10 February 2007

Celebrating the unity

Rival Palestinian leaders have signed a deal to form a government of national unity aimed at ending lethal infighting and a crippling international boycott.
Mahmoud Abbas, Khaled Meshaal and Ismail Haniya are happily cavorting in Mecca, after reaching another earthshaking unity agreement. All that hard work made the trio thirsty for entertainment. And the entertainment was duly provided by the generous hosts.

In the picture below, the three VIPs are checking with a local guide the location of the best shopping mall:

As you can see, the guide is unsure of the correct answer.

And here you see Ismail Haniya checking the temperature in the best local sauna.

And here you can see the troika during a seance of hypnotic healing by Uri Geller, smuggled into Mecca incognito under the guise of a Bedouin goat herder.

As you can see, Haniya is still fighting the hypnotic trance, but he will succumb in no time. No worries on this account.

And of course, Gaza is celebrating the newly achieved unity too. In related news:

07:08 Palestinians fire Qassam at Negev; no injuries or damage (Israel Radio)

Don't worry - be happy!

Now, for a real analyses of the Palestinian unity agreement, go here.

Because there is not a lot to analyse, really - see Hamas deals swift blow to peace deal hopes:
Renewed hopes for a breakthrough in the Middle East peace process suffered an early blow yesterday when the Palestinian movement Hamas pledged it would never recognise Israel, only hours after signing a Saudi-backed national unity agreement to help stave off an incipient civil war.