17 February 2007

Indy: all in a day's work

About 24 hours in the Independent's life (er...), and even an amateur fisker (that's me surely) doesn't have to make any special effort beyond reading the headlines.

A pair of headlines describing a rather pitiful backpedaling exercise by Fisk:

Lebanon slides towards civil war as anniversary of Hariri's murder looms

Do you feel the expectant tension of a scribe preparing for a usual, Wagnerian style depiction of rivers of blood? And then:

War-weary Beirut marks Hariri death with peaceful rally

The frustration resembling coitus interruptus is clear, but the money order for the waste of newspaper columns is on the way, so no worries.

Discovery of mosaic halts work at Jerusalem walkway

It is plainly a lie or, at least, a sample of journalistic sloppiness, since the works stopped for purely political reasons, but who cares? Donald Macintyre surely doesn't.

Not in our name: campaign launched against Trident

A powerful coalition of 100 scientists, lawyers, church leaders, actors, writers and MPs is today demanding a halt to the rush by Tony Blair towards a replacement for Britain's Trident nuclear weapon system.
Where is a similar powerful coalition protesting NK and Iranian nuclear efforts? Doesn't Indy think that this question should be asked? I know, I know - it is rather too much to expect, what with Red Ken being prominently on the list...

Dark side of paradise: the islands that lost their innocence

The (undeniably tragic) double murder on Cape Verde caused this loss of innocence to an island that, according to the author of same article, was for centuries a center of slave trade and a place of exile for Portuguese Jews...

So much crap in so short a time... Isn't there some law in UK that could be applied to this case? Say, grievous bowel movement in public? Or something?