14 February 2007


The dry semi-legal language of this article leaves some unanswered questions.

Living together out of wedlock would be downgraded from a sex crime to fraud, and then only if the couple claims to be married, under a proposal that passed the state Senate on Friday.

The bill was changed from an outright repeal of the state's anti- cohabitation law. The amended proposal would make the false representation of marital status a misdemeanor crime for a man and woman who live together.

Cohabiting couples who do not falsely claim marriage would not be penalized.
I could understand the puritanical Northern attitude to all issues of sexual nature. But fraud? I mean, who is deceiving whom? And what about?

Besides, for the sake of natural justice and considering North Dakota climate, cohabitation of any pair should be not only protected by law but even encouraged as a necessary measure for survival in the extreme cold.

Go figure...