28 February 2007

Jewish Americans Oppose War in Iraq Most Strongly

It is often asserted that the sole reason why the US went into Iraq is, in a word, Israel. The Zionist lobby in Washington hit the necessary buttons on the dreaded world domination panel (peace be upon it), instantly propelling the Bush administration into action and spelling the beginning of the war in Iraq. However, according to the recent Gallup poll, Jewish Americans oppose the war most strongly, and their opposition goes beyond their traditional alignment with the Democratic Party.

An analysis of Gallup Poll data collected since the beginning of 2005 finds that among the major religious groups in the United States, Jewish Americans are the most strongly opposed to the Iraq war. Catholics and Protestants are more or less divided in their views on the war, while Mormons are the most likely to favor it. Those with no religious affiliation also oppose the war, but not to the same extent that Jewish people do. The greater opposition to the war is not simply a result of high Democratic identification among U.S. Jews, as Jews of all political persuasions are more likely to oppose the war than non-Jews who share the same political leanings
Something just doesn't add up here, does it? Maybe the Elders could shed some light on this fishy affair in the next press release?