17 February 2007

More fractionation of "progressive" Jews

Fractionation. Yes. Believe it or not, but this is what the dictionary says. No fractionalization, no fractioning, and fractivity is outta the door. But fractionation sounds surprisingly fitting, since it is the great Judeo-British community that is being reaped apart into myriads of tiny fractions.

The process is akin to reproduction of amoebas by fission. The only difference is that the two resulting amoebas grow up a bit toward the next split. And the British Jews just continue splitting in their unending quest for media attention, so I wouldn't be surprised if in the near future we'll have a single person split into two or more political fractions (each one hating the others, no doubt).

And here we have another one. Independent Jewish Boyses it is called, and it is a bit different. While, like any other fraction, they have issued their Manifesto, this one is generic and could be reused by the future new progressives as a blueprint. Just change a few slogans and presto - you are set up and can e-mail it to all your friends.

There is one small problem with the last sentence. The number of friends keeps going down, since each blessed one of them is busy setting up a fraction of his/her own, so beware...

Back to this IJB gang of three. Seth, Josh and Alex - doesn't it sound like a hard core of a rock band? There are two remarks I, as a benevolent Elder, wanted to make (now stand up and straighten these slouching postures of yours - this is not Hampstead here):

  • Croissant is definitely out - it is totally non-kosher. Put latkes in.
  • No logos, icons and any other self-promoting graphic shit. This here blog already looks like a redneck car's bumper, so full of stickers it is. A link is enough.
  • You will leave the JJhsFFS... er... JFFJS... no, what is really their effing name, no matter, that gang where Deborah roams, alone, you hear? It is for the Elders to deal with.
At ease now. Carry on.