03 February 2007

No worries, the situation is under control

That's a story about two quotes and two pictures. The fist quote is:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said that Cuba's Fidel Castro has visibly improved, describing how the ailing Cuban leader has gained weight and is walking around and studying."A notable improvement," Chavez said Thursday, describing Castro's condition when the two met recently in Havana.
And here is the picture of the colonel related to this quote:

Now to the second quote:
Venezuela - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez defended his plans to rewrite dozens of laws by decree, saying his country has a vibrant democracy...

"There are no reasons of any kind for the Venezuelan people to be afraid," he said.
Now to the picture related to this one:

Well, take a good close look. There are four answers for you to choose from:
  1. Hugo is telling the truth in both cases
  2. Hugo is telling the truth in the first case only
  3. Hugo is telling the truth in the second case only
  4. Hugo is lying twice
A job on a Venezuelan oil refinery is waiting for the caller who sends in a right answer!
Hurry up, the number of vacancies is limited and doled out on the first come, first served basis.