16 February 2007

The long arm of JP and the mystery weapon

I always enjoy a good blooper, don't you? And Yaakov Katz of JP, may he live till 120 and continue supplying goofy material for this blog, does not disappoint. This time under a headline Halutz stopped advance of vital arms, he tells a real shocking story:

Development of a weapons system that could have been used against Hizbullah during the second Lebanon war was halted in 2002 by Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz, then commander of the air force. Development of the system has now resumed on the orders of the current IAF commander, Maj.-Gen. Elazar Shkedy, The Jerusalem Post has learned.
Now undoubtedly you will be eager to know what matter of a vital weapons system is that one?
The system is not intended to harm civilians, and is being developed according the International Mine Action Standards.
Apparently being harmless to civilians is the only feature of the system that the censor allowed to publish. Most probably, The System is intelligent enough to distinguish between innocent citizenry and a Hizbullah "activist". Some special genetic machinery or whatever. But other than that, there is nothing more about this mysterious weapon. So, aside of delivering a fairly weak kick to the departing Chief of Staff, the purpose of the article is unclear.

To strengthen the message, JP editors added to the article two pictures: one of Halutz saying shalom to his office and one of a row of Merkava tanks.