22 February 2007

It's going to become a habit, then?


1. An established custom
3. (religion) a distinctive attire (as the costume of a religious order)
Oh, well, it is just a prolonged attempt to build up a pun. Besides, we are talking here about a habit of a different kind: that of some British criminals (or, as it may happen, terrorists) to recall two things in their moment of truth:
  1. That they belong to the religion of peace
  2. That women are people of equal rights and, if you apply some elementary logic, men then have the same rights, including wearing women's clothes, especially religiously sanctioned ones (burka or niqab, as it happens)
Video images of one of the alleged July 21 terror plotters escaping disguised as a Muslim woman in a burka have been released. Yassin Omar fled London in the traditional Muslim women's dress the day after he made a failed attempt to detonate a rucksack bomb on a Tube train near London's Warren Street station, Woolwich Crown Court was told.
So: is it becoming an established custom for Muslim male criminals in Britain to wear female Muslim's distinctive attire of that religious order?

Now figure out the pun. I am not sure there is one, though...

P.S. More on the subject here - from DSTPFW by Scribbles.