26 February 2007

Carter Says Most Americans Agree With Him On Israel

Not only is Carter The Clown abysmally uninformed about the on-the-ground situation in Israel as well as the manifold intricacies of the conflict, but he is also living in La-La land where the American public's opinion is on his side.

Jimmy Carter defended his new book on the Middle East on Thursday against sharp criticism from Jewish groups and said a majority of U.S. citizens including many Jews supported its main proposals.

Nevertheless, the actual facts paint a fundamentally different picture:

A Gallup poll surveying US opinion on geopolitics singles out Israel as only foreign nation Americans feel favorably toward and also say that what happens there is vitally important to the US.

Americans remain most favorable towards English-speaking countries – Canada (92 percent view it as mostly favorable), Australia (89 percent) and Great Britain (also 89 percent). Additional countries the majority of Americans view favorably are Japan (82), India (69), Israel (63), Mexico (60), Egypt (60), Russia (53) percent and Jordan (51).

The country viewed as least-favorable by Americans is Iran (9 percent), followed by North Korea (12), Iraq (15), Palestinian Authority (16), Syria (21), Afghanistan (23), Cuba (25), Pakistan (28), Saudi Arabia (35), Venezuela (41) and China (48).

Carter, it appears, doesn't know the first thing about the US, despite the fact that he once was the country's President. The People's Republic of California as well as the Eastern Bloc States constitute but one side of the country's complex character and, if considered alone, present a rather skewed, inaccurate picture of "normal" America.