23 February 2007

Searched and Found

There is nothing like idly surfing the vast expanses of the Internet after an exhausting workday. Unfortunately, the solemn ritual doesn’t always provide one with the desired repose.

Yesterday, I, as a matter of routine, headed for Yahoo! to search the Net for interesting bits of information on a wide variety of issues and, more or less on a whim, typed the word “Jew” in the search box (we, Jews, like to bask in our glory, don’t we?). Apart from supplying me with tons and tons of websites, Yahoo! kindly offered me a number of suggestions to particularize my search. Here they are:

To be a little bit more specific:

“Jew Watch” is a notorious website run by an accomplished anti-Semite whose principal goal is to pin the blame for practically everything that is wrong in the world on the Jewish community. Needless to say, I do not intend to provide a link to the residence of the said hater.

“Wandering Jew” has successfully passed the test, as it seems to be related to the name of an innocent plant.

“Kay Jew” initially left me confused and bewildered. Further investigation has demonstrated that the search must somehow be connected with a certain Mary Kay Bergman – a “Catholic Jew”, although I am still looking for alternatives to the conjecture. WTF?

“The International Jew”, a book authored by Henry Ford, needs no formal introduction and is known to every Jew at least vaguely aware of the ABC of anti-Semitism.

In short, when an unsuspecting net surfer decides to acquaint herself with the Jewish people, our history, religion, culture, she is encouraged to pay a visit to “Jew Watch” or thumb through “The International Jew”. Is it a proper way to dive into the Jewish world?

To throw more somber colors into the story, these suggestions are not taken from nowhere – Yahoo!, I gather, simply lists the most common searches containing the word “Jew”. It truly speaks volumes about the way we are perceived in the world.

Who is responsible for controlling the media again? The slacker should be given the boot as soon as possible, to avert a major disaster befalling our cherished world domination.

P.S. On a lighter note, you can find the following ad in the “sponsor results” section:

Western consumerism and materialism at their best (worst)!