04 February 2007

Muslim chief slams 'police state' Britain, like Nazi Germany

A Muslim leader has warned that Britain is moving towards a "police state," comparing the situation to Nazi Germany after the anti-terror raids in the city of Birmingham this week.

"The German people were told the Jews were a threat. The same thing is happening here. The Muslims are now the bogey people," he said. "It's a small community. It's easy to pick on them. That's what's being done."

Tempers are high after the raids, which were accompanied by allegations that the suspects were planning to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier, and post a video of the execution on the Internet.
After this expression of understanding and care about the plight of the Jews in Nazi Germany, my heart is full of compassion and understanding towards the puny (mere 5 or 6 million) Muslim community of Britain. And I think that the authorities have made one step to far. Mixing with the community inalienable right to behead people is a shame.

Wait, didn't some people in UK try to stop kosher butchery? Now I see one more reason for Muslims and Jews to demand Halachic rule in Britain. Or better Sharia? Hmm...

I think Halachic. What do you all think?