23 February 2007

Have you ever wondered?

Of course, all of you clean out your spam folders in the e-mail setup of your choice from time to time. And of course, your hand, coarse as it has become in this mass destruction war against the spam folder contents, does not hesitate before clicking the "Erase" button.

However - have your ever experienced this moment of indecision while doing this? Have you ever considered, even for a second, that one of these posts that are so lovingly prepared, targeted and launched at you, could be a real McCoy? And that your future could have been something that this guy in the cubicle near you moans and drools all day long?

And I don't mean the endless offers of enhancing pills, after all we all have already ordered as much of this stuff as possible without the stuff overflowing our drawers. I am talking about news like this one:

Your email address successfully won our computer balloting sweeptake [sic!] 2007. You have been approved the star prize of five hundred thousand Great British Pounds.
Or about what is obviously a series of love letters from somebody named Veronica Martinez. I don't know Spanish, but each second word is "amor", and I was told by an authority in this matter that it is definitely not about improvement of my social life - related parameters, it is rather the next step.

Or this lady enchantingly named Josepha Carmella, who sends you long lyrical mails with soothing subjects like "Dirty Autumn with wet panties"...

Or a mail from one Lisette Winter with an intriguing subject "on oleaste": what if, when you click on it, your life will turn a corner, the fanfares will go off and new stunning horizons you never dreamed about will spread before your wide open eyes?

No, don't click, you idiot, it was only a...