31 December 2005

Painted into a corner?

A minor incident in a small town in a minor US state. However, the details are mind boggling, and getting into the head of the perp may be dangerous for one's sanity.

"Feeling slighted because of a small raise at the Home Depot where he used to work and by U.S. plans to build a 700-mile fence along the border with Mexico, police said Ali R. Warrayat carefully planned his revenge."

"He wanted to make a statement, and hopefully burn down the Chandler store where he worked before transferring
to a Queen Creek Home Depot about six months ago, according to police reports and interviews. Early on Dec. 18, the 24-year-old Gilbert resident and Arizona State University student set his plan in motion." "Warrayat loaded his Quran and a Palestinian flag into the trunk of his car, put his cat and his uncle's pit bull in the front, and hit the gas, according to the reports and interviews. The car accelerated, slamming through the front doors of the store. He steered the car straight to the paint department, his old job station. Crashing into a counter and scattering flammable fuel everywhere, the car stopped and Warrayat climbed out. He clambered onto the roof, looked around, then jumped to the ground with his lighter. A flick was all it took. Flames climbed and explosions boomed as employees ran for safety. Warrayat calmly walked out of the store, leaving the dog to die inside the burning car. The cat has never been found."

"He talked about his religion with police interrogators, and told them he had a swastika tattooed on the sole of his foot, a mark of disrespect, because his mosque was once defaced with one."

And, of course, the usual spiel from the amazed co-workers and friends:

"Co-workers were amazed at his alleged actions. He had always been "gentleman-like and respectable with everyone," said co-worker and friend Joaquin Bustamante."

So what is it we have here?

1. Deeply religious

2. Unsatisfied with his job remuneration

3. Concerned with the plight of his Palestinian brothers and sisters

4. Bee in his bonnet about the "apartheid wall" between Mexico and US.

5. Some family issues with his uncle, or with uncle's pit bull

6. Troubled relationship with own cat

A swastika tattooed on the sole of his foot (how does he enjoy its look then?)

8. Burning his Quran and a Palestinian flag with the whole enchilada (why?)

I think these eight items are enough to start you all thinking in the new year.

Happy New Year and cheers to all.