12 December 2005

Assad threatens the world as Mehlis submits his final report

Debkafile got this scoop today (not yet verified with other sources).

"In a special interview to the Russian TV station Rossiya, the Syrian president declared the Middle East and the whole world would suffer if Syria were subjected to UN sanctions."

I don't know... Is it some kind of indigestion plague making its rounds in the Middle East or, maybe, a light form of the bird flu?

I mean look at that sweet face, even the mustache is not up to the grown-ups standards.

Yet this boy is already so pissed off at life, universe and everything?

There must be some explanation to all these strange recent outbursts. As far as the Elders concerned, we have not done anything with him using our patented brain control rays. We swear - there was no need lately...

So who is messing up the boy's brain?

P.S. A confirmation from an Arab source:

"The Middle East is the heart of the world, and Syria is the heart of the Middle East," al-Assad said. "If the situation in Syria and Iraq isn't good, the whole region will become unstable, and the entire world will pay for that."

Oh boy...