11 December 2005

Iran's supreme ruler: Israel afraid

According to Ynet article, the Iranian chief rabbi (oops, sorry, chief Ayatollah, whatever this means), says that we are scared shitless. Obviously in expectation of that long arm of his pocket president we have already related to a day or two ago, that will reach us and do to us whatever it (the arm) intends to.

So, we, the Elders, have a few things to say about that:

Thing 1

Well, chief - when somebody says boo behind my back, I usually jump.
Upon the second boo, I am kinda less agitated
The third boo is already one boo too many.

And your Pres is booing non-stop, so the effect is already lost a looooong time ago.

Thing 2

We do, after all, believe in the all around relaxing qualities of MAD (no, we do not mean that magazine, besides you are not allowed to read it). So what now?

Thing 3

We have looked up your picture, Mr. Khamenei, here it is:

We are not very impressed by that beard and that finger. Take a good look at our Man here:

How is that for a beard and a finger? And believe me, he is in a good mood in this picture.

Pissed off, he will leave you standing where beard shaking and finger waving is concerned. A friendly advice - leave it alone. Or else.

(And we didn't even mention the glasses!)