01 December 2005

Zeev Rosenstein and the New World

With all the hoolabaloo about politics, new parties, old friends and enemies here, one single most important event was lost to the eyes and ears of the international media.

Our one and only Zeevik is planning a new beginning in the US of A.

"Justices Levy, Mishael Cheshin and Elyakim Rubinstein said Rosenstein's alleged criminal actions primarily hurt citizens and residents of the U.S."

"The United States is the country which was hurt by the evil acts which were committed... and how just and right it is, that it should be the United States which judges him and sentences him," the judges said. "

That's a lot of legalese. Translated into a plain simple Hebrew, it means: better you than me.

And you, dear American folks, thought you have trouble with Dubya and that Iraq business!

Now start studying this face:

Soon you may have to be able to recognize it for your own good.

Oy vey!