22 December 2005

Maradona arrested after comeback

Diego The Hand of God really underwent an amazing change. Losing 53 kilo of pure fat and being able to play 68 minutes (for free) is not a small feat for a person who barely survived his afflictions a short time ago.

I can and do respect this. However, CNN, being a corrupt imperialist borgeous mouthpiece, has not missed a chance to stick a knife in Diego's back.

"After the incidents at the airport police told Radio CBN that they intended to conduct an alcohol test on Argentina's 1986 World Cup hero."

"Maradona allegedly argued with airport workers and then with authorities in one of the airport's VIP room, upset that the flight wasn't held for him."

"The former Argentina star allegedly tried to force his way on board, prompting airport workers to call authorities. A door at the VIP room was broken in the incident, and Maradona allegedly said he was going to pay for the damage, Melo said."

Besides asking why the new democratic Brazil cannot overlook a small thing like this, making a big deal out of nothing, really - after all we are talking here about a friend of Fidel C. and Hugo (also C.) - I would like to inquire whether The Hand of God indeed went over from the sniffing kind to the drinking kind?

Your health, amigo!