23 December 2005

Brotherhood chief: Holocaust a myth

The Iranian clown is not alone in his Holocaust denial ravings. If that's indeed the picture some people were trying to present - here comes his spiritual brother from Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. It's interesting how his Holocaust denial is formulated: "We don't have confirmed things to enable us to prove this matter or refute it," he said.

Meaning, probably, that the learned Muslim Brotherhood's department of Holocaust studies has not yet amassed sufficient scientific material to make a decision on the whole issue.

The jokers usually say that denial is not a name of the river in Africa, but here it comes very close.

Just to think, that Noam the Master Mind said not a month ago regarding this bunch of loonies:

"I don'’t see any inherent reason why the Muslim Brotherhood couldn'’t be part of the majority part of the democratic culture."

Some culture, indeed...