06 December 2005

More of the fat Jewish guy from the slums.

This will be (hopefully) our last post regarding the creature. There is no need to comment - just to read and enjoy. It is addressed to Sue Blackwell and may be a beginning of a tragic rift between the two soulmates. Published here without his permission - but in full. Enjoy.

Dear Sue:I am saddened by your post here at this blog. Let me tell you why.

I have been aware of the differences between you, and Paul Eisen, and Israel Shamir. I have participated in Shamir's group togethernet at yahoo and have corresponded briefly with both of them prior to starting this blog, not about this blog but about a world of issues and opinions.

I can feel your opinions because two years ago ago they were mine more or less too. I think they are honest on your part but off the mark, and seriously so. However, I did not attack or even bring up this difference with you because people who oppose the Israeli state or even who oppose its actions need to show as much unity as is possible. It's not as though the zionists are on the run and we have the luxury of a cat fight, a public one at that.

Let me tell you how broadly I mean this. I have differed with Shamir on some things on his yahoo group, and trust me when I say I despise a David Duke. (Read my post about tripping over the code of military justice, it's a true story) and in that I have not changed a whit, except perhaps I'm stronger about racism.(Read my stuff about NYC snatching Black and Hispanic Kids and locking up their parents).

However, I have not sought to go out of my way to amplify differences with Shamir. He has guts like few others and he tells the truth about Israel, about Judaism and about zionism. and he does not say, nor does Eisner, that there are no anti zionist Jews. In fact they point out, at least Shamir does, how few and far between they are and how little they (we) represent.

If anything, in being the exception for the present we tend to prove the rule.Shamir thinks a Jew can and has to stop being one. I frankly don't know if this is either possible or entirely desireable. I've gone back and forth on this inside my own head, but I'm satisfied to go on living and be who and what I am, which is a commie pinko Jewish subversive.

Shamir has an honest opinion.If I can dialogue with the zionists who have come here to my blog to disrupt and threaten, if I could want with all my might to have my pieces about Child Welfare be in the Zionist newspapers here in New York, why on earth would I not dialogue with any other racist?It's Bloomberg's New York where a Black man with a clean police record has a harder time in getting a job than a white felon.

it's Zuckerman's Daily News that demonized the Black people of New Orleans, and though David Duke copied his garbage and put it on his website, like a dog yapping and running alongside his master, it's no doubt who does the most damage.

When I use the term "Zionazi I mean it.


Fabián said...

So he was an idiot after all!

Who said that the fatso is Jewish at all? He is as Jewish as I am a buddist.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, that idiocy point was never even an issue for debate, just an easily measurable parameter.

Re his Jewishness - I am of an opinion that once a person wants or claims to be Jewish, he/she is.

We have all kinds in our midst, after all his hero Israel Shamir lives in Israel, and he is even not Jewish.

Fabián said...

Snoopy, who says that the Neonazi Israel Shamir lives in Israel? Have you ever seen him here?

Last time I checked he was working in Russia or went back to Sweden, his home country.

Really, is there any proof that that scum was here?

GideonSwort said...

"Really, is there any proof that that scum was here?"

The Elders track the anti-Zeds actively. He had to go through Colonoscopy awhile back. We now see him as a pulsing bleep. There's a remote Fizzle Bang facility, which TheMaiden is itching to activate. We can barely restrain her.

Fabián said...