29 December 2005

So what will you have?

NYT describes the current situation on Gazan border here.

And here is the punch line:

"The Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, who was in Gaza on Wednesday, condemned the Israeli move, saying, "Israel left the Gaza Strip and has no right to return under any pretext, such as the firing of rockets, which I also condemn."

It is just impossible to figure out. Is it a sign of idiocy? Hypocrisy? Impotence? All of the above?

The last few weeks are bringing to us with increasing intensity some new/old questions:

1. Is what happens on the Lebanon and Gazan borders to serve a model for the future peace?

2. Do the people who are behind these attacks understand the possible consequences?

3. Is Abbas playing the good ole Yasser's game?

Wouldn't it be nice to have the answers - before it is too late and IDF does what IDF does?