22 December 2005

Women are not for decoration


Prior to looking at the picture below, read this:

We, the Elders, are not and never have been male, female or anything in between, chauvinists!!! Moreover, we have never been suspected or even accused of any of the above mentioned kinds of chauvinism, so help us the Spirit of the Elders!

Now you can look all you want:

We can tell you straight away, that we absolutely share the sentiment expressed by the lady that holds it (the sentiment, that is). Besides, we are not at all sure that this picture is, or could be, or could be interpreted as in any way funny.

On the other hand, after mulling over that picture...

No, we do not think so...

Still, maybe, just maybe...


Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, any other applicable holiday greeting to anyone for whom they are relevant.


Sicilian4Life said...

Just a quick question. Akaky and the lot just imagine for a moment one these Hooter Girls was your mother, sister, daughter or wife. What would your TRUE opinion of their profession be? Would you mind saying your mother works at Hooters in front of your entire class? For me it would be like as if she was a stripper. If your sister came up to you and asked you if she should works at Hooters what would your HONEST answer be. Would it be: "sure sis, go ahead". Or would it be:"If you really wanna be a nobody and be remembered for your breasts rather than your heart and mind, and if you wanna break my soul in half do it but I'm NOT talking to you till you find a dignified job." I know my brother's response would be the latter and I love and thank him for it. There's nothing wrong with looking, no but with comments like akaky's there is. When about to spew rubbish like this just remember it's someone's mother/sister/daughter/wife you are downplaying.

Grazie per la lettura Arrivederci :)  

snoopythegoon said...

"Would you mind saying your mother works at Hooters in front of your entire class?"

If you are asking me, the answer is defintely NO!

And if you think working anywhere, Hooters included, is demeaning, I stronly disagree with you, sis/bro. But I would agree on some other points of your comment, I think.