19 December 2005

A broadside from abroad

That insidious British motormouth Galloway gave another interview - this time to Iranian official news agency - IRNA.

Speaking to IRNA in an exclusive interview ..., he asked, "Why should Iran be denied the right to nuclear activities for peaceful purposes, if other countries are given such a right?"

Why indeed? We never thought about it that way.

"I do not know whether Iran is intent on developing nuclear weapons, but even if it does, other countries in the Middle East region already have such weapons. So why should not Iran have them? "What is forbidden, should be applicable to all. It is not possible to consider something improper for others and at the same time proper for ourselves," he added.

Why indeed? - we have asked ourselves, one another and a passerby or two (we had them killed afterwards, following the ancient Elders' custom).

"If the killing of several individuals in London, New York and Paris is taken as terrorism, taking the lives of thousands of innocent people in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon should also be declared as terrorist acts."

Why not, indeed?

After hearing it enough times, especially told in Queen's language of such superb quality, we are starting to hesitate. At least, wobble a bit. Let's say, vibrate sympathetically just a tad.

And then we look at the picture:

That open, straightforward, sincere face, these eyes so full of desire to convince the world of the righteousness of his way, these ears (difficult to see, but they must be somewhere) so open to the injustices of this imperfect life...

If there is anyone who has not experienced that same set under the guise of a secondhand car salesman, a door-to-door Bible peddler, a Kirby agent, a time share resort host/hostess - if you have never been there and seen that, throw at me your dollar, your shekel, your Euro...

And I will take it.