28 December 2005

ISM, Clare Short and shards of glass

Sometimes, just for laughs, I open the notorious little brother of Al Jazeera - AlJazeera.com, and almost every time something interesting crops up. Like today.

"Israeli authorities denied entry to Australian Shiri Lock, Italian Vittorio Arrigoni and South African Michael Horsell when they arrived five days ago at the Ben Gurion airport."

So far so good. ISM bleeding hearts, as usual, harassed and oppressed by the cruel, aggressive and inhospitable Zionists. Nothing new, so I almost clicked another article, but then:

"Police wanted to force the South African, Michael Horsell, to fly back without waiting for a court order," said lawyer Gaby Lasky.

"As he was peacefully opposing his deportation, Italian pacifist Vittorio Arrigoni was with him and was lightly injured by shards of glass during a confrontation with police," the lawyer added.

Now it becomes interesting. Fists, clubs, tear gas, rubber bullets, simply bullets, bulldozers: all these would be your usual, run of the mill tools of Zionism. But shards of glass? I have never heard about this, obviously new and so far secret, ammunition in the hands of Israeli police. One imagines a beer bottle broken off upon the nearest table and a police hoodlum using it to cut up a poor defenseless ISM guardian of peace.

But then, looking at a press release by the base hive here, I have not seen any mention of glass shards or any other glass-related subject. I am sure that Ms. Lasky would have mentioned that new police ordnance were it was used by police. On the other hand, I am a frequent visitor in Ben-Gurion airport and should be aware of overabundance of glass shards there, but I do not recollect any. So, after excluding everything impossible, we are left with the only improbable choice - the glass shards are handiwork of the guardians of peace.

The cell phone of Ms. Lasky - 054 441 8988 is, unfortunately, switched off at the time of writing this, so I cannot get a confirmation (not that I expect one in this case).

What does it all have to do with Clare Short? Nothing much, it is just that the lady (who considers our puny little country to be the source of all the evil in the world and makes us, Elders, proud) supports these
peaceful folks allergic to unbroken glass objects. Which support makes them suspect in my eyes. Besides their strange habit of breaking glass objects upon landing.