08 December 2005

The Jews, the Zionists and MPACUK

It seems that the education of the masses of MPAC followers could be improved, judging by the following message from one of their funs:

Written by altruism on 2005-12-07 11:38:22

"You say muslims are terrorists but you forget the fact that the Palestinian are terrorised in their own land by none other than the Jews or are they Zionists? Please clarify what they are so that i can label them correctly."

That would not do, dear friends! We think that you need to educate your people better, and to that end we have prepared some visual aids. Here is a typical Zionist with a Zionist flag:

Wait a minute - but he is obviously a Jew! See that scroll in his right hand?

OK, let's try another one, this must be a typical Jew:

This one is easer. But - what do you know - he is praying at the Zionist Wailing Wall, so he must be a Zionist!

It gets curiosier and curiosier. I really have a difficulty here.

Do you know what, dear MPACUKers? We can try badges. One will say: "Jew Zionist" and another will say "A good Jew". What do you all think?

On the other hand, if a person with a badge saying "A good Jew" moves to the Zionist Entity, somebody must take care of changing the badge. And vice versa. I foresee a potential for a lot of mix-ups here.

Oh, the heck with it! We do not need no stinking badges, all right? Just assume they are all bad Jew Zionists or potential fathers and mothers of bad Jew Zionists, OK?

Any questions?