19 December 2005

On Sharon's stroke

There are some mixed feelings in the general public regarding the fatso's ailment. While saying "Gezundheit", some politicians experience a feeling not exactly alien to that of hopeful expectation. That picture:

will suit quite a few of these hopefuls, between them a certain Bibi, a specific Amir and some others. They would be quite happy to see Arik ensconced behind that traffic sign:

However, in the area of traffic signs there is another one they should be aware of:

So - take it easy, hopefuls!

P.S. Our maintenance people, who, as usual, can't find their collective ass without an operating manual, were so kind as to update me that the current malfunction is related to the latest upgrade. Routine maintenance after a short circuit put out the main processor unit due to the large amount of Likud cronies sheltering under his "Forward" superstructure.