05 December 2005

What it looks like.

Below you'll find a link to an image. Click on it only if you are prepared to see a human being reduced to components, the kind you'll see hanging on a butcher's hook.

Some of us have seen images like this as pedestrian spectators. Some of us know someone who ended up like this. Some of us were close and lucky enough to have the air knocked out of our lungs by the explosion, and walk away with the ensuing images etched on our retinas.

For those of you who were wondering, that same shopping mall will be open for business again tomorrow, and the day after. This Friday, it'll be packed with shoppers. Elsewhere, there will be funerals, mourning and grief. There will be grief near Jenin too. The boy's mother will be beside herself, she's already a widow. Her home will be erased if Mofaz has his way.

For every Jew that got splattered today, on average four Islamic Jihad members will be executed. If any civilian has the misfortune of being in their near vicinity, they'll become collateral statistics. Islamic Jihad held a news conference today. They warned the Palestinian President that if any of their members are taken in, they'll hold the PA and the president directly responsible.

The separation fence is not complete. The boy drove a route around it to get to Netanya. The barrier prevented him from crossing at the nearest point to his village. In the following months the fence will be extended, more gaps will be plugged.

This Friday, the mall will be packed with Sabbath shoppers. No one is going away.

What it looks like

Please note, this is not an image of one of the victims of the bombing, but the bomber himself. Kalamazookid


KalamazooKid said...

I have had very strong reservations about this site showing this image. On the other hand, as Gideon says, this image is something Israelis have come to find horrifyingly familiar.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

We all have our reservations about it.

Still - maybe, just maybe some people will realise that what this picture shows is THE end.

No victory.

No glory.

No paradise.

No 72 virgins.

Just a piece of meat on the sidewalk and many devastated families. Including one on the other side of the border.

Anonymous said...

A very disturbing image, as are all those of mangled corpses ... victims of war, or other violent causes of death ... even more so when one is actually there (I served for five years in a fire brigade).

However: my reason for dropping in is to say hello to kala, who I "met" at "peacepalestine".

I, at least, valued your contribution and I have said that it is a shame that you were virtually run out of town, because you were expressing reasoned arguments.

I have said that I hope that you and Harvey Epstein come back for another go at dialogue, rather than the all-too-typical stand off.

On that kinda note:

I have read most entries in this blog and ain't it a shame that "fatso" is being derided.

From what I can gather: none of you are zionists per se, e.g. actually demanding some religious, or secular "right" to land in the ME, whether just beyond the "green line", or from the Nile to the Euphrates.

"Fatso" also eschews such claims and has merely said that he hankers after "simpler times" in New York ... as I do too (though I am in Australia now) for simpler times in London, e.g. when Downing Str and the Houses of Parliament were not barred from access, whether by physical or legal barriers.

Sure there was stuff going on, behind the scenes - both in America and Britain - which maybe we should have been aware of, but take my word for it that "fatso" does have a point ... and I find it sad that essentially moderate and decent jewish people are falling out over trivialities.

Same as elsewhere, mind you, and the ruling elite can always count on "divide and conquer".

Anyhow kala.

I appreciated your input.