03 December 2005

Eugene the fatso strikes again

It appears that Eugene the anti-Zionist fish decided after all to engage us in some semblance of a dialog.

And some interesting things our friend Eugene has to say:

The State of Israel won't "just be gone," it will have to be chased out. I believe a head of a nearby state had the right words for it.

Interesting. What exactly is meant by “chasing out”? The sensitive social worker avoided to answer this question put to him in the previous post. This is the regular avoidance by silence that most of the anti-Zionists employ when coming to that delicate issue. Interesting why?

And who is that “head of a nearby state”? Inquiring minds want to know.

I would appreciate if our taxes not go to subsidize a North american suburban lifestyle in "israel."

Oh my, oh my – it will appear that we are guilty in depriving poor old Eugene of his last buck to further our Zionist Entity here. Does Eugene know how much he really pays to subsidize the Entity and what the money goes into? No, would be my guess – after all the fatso uses slogans for most phenomena surrounding his life.

I'd appreciate it if the Zionist press pay some honest attention to the real lives of the working people and the poor in New York.

Really? We thought you do not want so called “Zionists” to exist? Now we should pay attention to your real live?

I'd personally love to string up those obnoxious chicken hawk neo ziocons who pushed and planned the war in Iraq.

Ach, how sweet – repeating the worst of the shit out there about them Joos planning the war in Iraq? How many Jews there are in the current government, Eugene? How many were there in Clinton’s one? Would you happen to know?

And I'd love to see every chicken hawk American, particularly every chicken hawk American zionist Jew in Iraq now, pending the ultimate and inevitable withdrawal, which I'd prefer to see today.

Particularly the Zionist Jew? Why is that, Eugene? Don’t you think it is time to ask yourself about that urge to punish the Jew more than anyone else? Some childhood trauma? Maybe some psychoanalysis wouldn’t be amiss? Or just a plain straight jacket?

There was a part of our post that caused an especially strong response, probably hitting some nerve:

"Oh, there is another thing this fish desires - to be back in the sixties. Back to the days of exclusive clubs that denied membership to niggers and kikes, when the Ivy League universities had a good old quota for these same kinda people..."

Pay attention to Eugene's reaction:

To that I say:You silly, stupid self absorbed piece of dreck.

Language, Eugene, language you fat slob! That’s a civilised discourse we are having here, you pathetic mixed-up loser.

I spoke of a time when working people could pay rent on places to live, before the real estate industry destroyed rent controll and rent stabilization and put a stop to construction of public housing and tax exempt financed housig co ops.

Surely, Eugen, surely. And I spoke of the time when exclusive clubs denied membership to niggers and kikes, when the Ivy League universities had a good old quota for these same kinda people. Happens to be the same time, innit, you miserable dork?

Oh and who dominates the real estate industry and New York politics?

Oh, we do not need to read your rant. Surely you don’t have to tell the Elders who dominates whom. Just link up to Duke and Buchanan and cry on their shoulders, bucko.

Click to find out why the "anti semitism" cry is out of date and full of crap.

We do not have to click. And you can talk to these guys about the inexistent anti-Semitism too. Surely they would understand your pain.

Now – in simple words, Eugene – we are not Zionists. We do not care about your fight with that ephemeral monster you so like to hate and to blame in all your (mostly personal) failures as a man. We happen to live here in the state of Israel, for us it is no less established fact than for you your (questionable a well) right to pursue your trade in Harlem. After all, somebody owned the area well before your forefathers and foreskins were brought to that land. But it does not matter, we would not question your right to anything.

If you don’t like the fact of our existence – it is your problem. Just try to live with it, because there is nothing you or others of your ilk are able to do about it. And we’ll manage to find a way to reach a compromise (look it up in a dictionary) with our neighbors, that will allow both sides to walk out of the tent with minimal damage to their dignity. But you are not interested very much in this, are you? It may interfere with that monster image you nurture.


Gindy said...

"What exactly is meant by “chasing out”?"

He seems to be a fan of genocide.

Ed M. said...

Because chasing people out is genocide and really, really, wrong.

My god, could you imagine? What if there were a few million Jews in refugee camps? Everything they own stolen and stuck in nowhereland?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"What if there were a few million Jews in refugee camps?"

Hmm... Is ed m. chewing his own foot (or both) right now?