04 December 2005


To those of you who are wondering about the last few posts and wanted a little debate introduced to our board; we would truly want to accommodate your earnest requirements, and delve headlong into a productive argument. However, that would be contrary to our mission statement and our Hasbarah duties. If you wish to get low down and dirty on the subject at hand, we accordingly encourage you to visit this site.

For the rest of you, and in case you didn't get the message spelt out clearly enough, here are a few pointers.

We the elders, in the midst of our world domination campaign, decided that we will return to our native land, and reestablish our presence with those who patiently waited here, through a variety of marauders and occupiers. We kicked arse, fought fire with fire, and created a modern Mini Super-Power on this scrappy piece of land.

To keep it simple for you, the following statements will be in the language of bottom-line pointers.

* We are here, and were not going anywhere.
* You can't change that.
* You've tried and failed, and will go on failing.
* If you want to remove us, come over and try again.
* Take into consideration that we will intercept you.
* We hold on to this land because we can, and because you can't get us out.
* We encourage you to try your hand at boycotts.
* Some of our visitors have duly felt the long reaching arm of the Elders, in thwarting these pathetic boycott attempts.
* You have used every possible means to date, and will try again.
* You will, fail again.

So, keep it coming, you fire up our ingenuity, and creativity. More please, and Ferfuxsake do try to be clever and original while you're at it, wer'e falling asleep here.


Fabián said...

I see that the fatso received comments by a poster called "Love Supreme". This poster is known because in other blogs she replaces the code word "Zionists" by "Jews", just like the Soviet antisemites used to do when they were tired after a long night thinking rants...

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Love Supreme, eh?

Thanks for the tip. Cheers.