21 December 2005

And again from Guardian with love

Today's on-line edition of GU displays again the innate talent of its editors to link any event in the Middle East to the Jooz. Here is a picture of today's page:

So, some guys (a safe assumption, since we have not noticed many Palestinian ladies being armed, otherwise GU would use the politically correct term "gunperson") decided to press their rights for government employment, using an unorthodox method.

So far so good. The method in question may be not what a Western trade union would necessarily use, but it probably works better in our area. This is not the issue anyway.

The issue is - why in the whole sunny Middle East has the Gurdian chosen to place the (exciting, no questions about it) article on Arik's unhealthy eating habits and another one on Israel in such close proximity to the above story?

We mean, what the heck? Did Arik chomp down somebody's pita by mistake, that somebody being two dozen gunmen of Bethlehem?

P.S. That remark about Western trade unions - we take it back. It is not our business to spread new ideas of this sort around. Who knows what...