19 December 2005

Unholy undies my foot!

Unholy undies adorn rabbi's tomb.

Under this provocative caption, the Aussies have chosen to tell the story:

"Hundreds of young Israeli women looking for husbands have been placing their underwear on the tomb of a venerated rabbi in the hopes that their marriage prayers will be answered."

"But Rabbi Israel Deri, who is in charge of protecting holy sites in the north, has told the newspaper the women's prayers will go unanswered."

"Having consulted with the chief rabbis, I can say with certainty that not only are these women guilty of a profanity but they will also never gain benediction," he said.

Now, girls, in the light of such uncharitable behavior of the rabbi, we, the Elders, have a perfect solution: come by our place, hand over the undies, and our able marriage counseling team will solve the problem - on the spot. The password for the guards: "lonesome no more".

And we promise to treat your undies with all due respect and veneration. Cross my... no, it is from another place.

Kudos to MEW for the tip.