17 December 2005

Naughty boys and girls from WH Smith

That nice bloke from Justify This! brought to our attention some interesting activities of the venerable WH Smith Internet bookstore.

It appears that, in order to jack up their Christmas profits, WH Smith people are not against some hanky-panky with strictly non-kosher stuff, such as "International Jew" by the late Henry Ford, "Mein Kampf" and other exciting titles. Between them The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which is what we'd like to discuss here. We have a copy of your site offering this historic opus here.

Not for the lawyers - we do not need no lawyers to take care of it.

As a matter of fact, we are not all that indignant about the book, we let other people enjoy whatever they like to. Besides, there is that freedom of speech and information that we could not care less about, now that the world domination question is no more.

No, what we want to say to WH Smith is: WHERE ARE THE FUCKING ROYALTIES?

Since the first copy of this opus has seen the light, not once has the publisher forgotten to pay up, and now this? Even the Russian Okhranka paid up! Ladies and gentlemen of WH Smith, we are not in dire need of simoleons, our accounting will not even feel the loss of a few measly pounds you forgot to transfer to the account number you know only too well. This is a matter of principle.

We do not know - maybe broken knees and elbows are not such an impediment for publishing and bookselling business. But as sure as Elders domination of the world, it makes hellishly uncomfortable the simple task of gathering your broken teeth from the floor.

So - you better cough up the money, and soon!